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Children Collide – The Long Now

September 29, 2009
children collide the long now

Written By: C.W. Ross
(The CD

Label: Filter/Universal – Rating:

“The Long Now” is the full-length debut release from the band Children Collide. This trio calls Melbourne, Australia home and has been releasing EPs since 2005. They’re now ready though to step up to the big leagues with this 12 track LP release.

The band’s music has been described as having a Nirvana-based grunge sound mixed with a modern alternative rock element like that of The Strokes and The Fray, along with the high energy of the Pixies.

If that sounds a little bit confusing then you get the idea, because Children Collide isn’t a band that’s looking to use a familiar song formula to achieve music that will appeal to the masses. Instead Children Collide has chosen to plow their own new way in the musical ground.

To keep the band’s free spirit though from going too wild famed producer Dave Sardy (Jet, Oasis, Wolfmother) was brought on board for this project.

The pictures that the songs found on The Long Now paint musically are for the most part a bleak look at the future, although the band does manage to throw in the occasional song offering up a small ray of hope for what lies ahead for the planet. The band throws out a lot of questions in their song lyrics, letting most of them unanswered for you to ponder over as you listen to them.

Things get off to a rocking start with the track, “Across the Earth”. The song highlights much of what’s found ahead musically on this release with its driving drum beats along with guitar parts that are left to roam free, while still being slightly leased, to control them from spinning wildly out of control.

The first single from the album, “Social Currency,” is where the deep groove filled bass parts that are found on many of the songs first show their face. The song also offers up some hard driving, almost punk worthy, vocals on it.

The several things that made this release work for me included the strong lead vocals that wrap themselves around each song. I also thought that the bass parts really got a chance to show what they can bring to a song when done right. I also liked the way that the guitar parts were arranged, that resulted in bringing some very fresh sounding elements to the songs.

The last thing that I thought the band done a really good job with is the way that they shifted musical tempo gears effortlessly, like an expensive sports car, mixing both melodic and driving moments in the same song without missing a beat.

For all of you video gamers out there you’ve probably been hearing the band’s song, “Skeleton Dance.” The song can be found on the game, FIFA 10’s soundtrack, that features 39 different artists representing more than 25 different nations.

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