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John Legend – Evolver

June 19, 2009

Label: Sony/BMG
Rating: 3 Guns

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John Legend

Written By: White Chicks On Rap

John Legend’s third album opens with what I think is pretty much every guy’s vision of the perfect morning…birds chirping, a sunny day breaking, the sweet cooing of the words good morning and a girl in your bed. I think John is onto something, but I would substitute the girl for Keanu Reeves. Oh, if life was really like this…but I digress.

Love is definitely on John’s mind and in the lyrics. From meeting the right girl, taking the next step with a good friend or just hooking up with a girl you just met…John has a song to match your mood.

Evolver has some great guests like Andre 3000 on Green Light, Brandy on “Quickly” and Estelle on “No Other Love.”

The production from Kanye, Will.I.Am, Trevor Horn and Devo Springsteen add diversity to the album. You will still find the traditional piano ballads (like “Everyone Knows” and “This Time”), but you will also find reggae (“No Other Love” and “Green Light”) and funk (“Satisfaction”).

Evolver is a true evolution for John as he continues to experiment with his sound and lyrics. His voice still resonates pure and warm as ever.

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