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Warped Tour Week – Underoath

September 16, 2009

Story and Photos By: Chris Martinez
(Sacramento Live Performance Columnist)

Warped Tour Week With Chris Martinez – Part 1 – Underoath

Warped Tour is nothing new to the sextet that is Underoath, who have been rocking the tour every year since 2003 (except for 2008). No words are needed to introduce the band as they walk on stage.

From the sight of Timothy McTague (Guitar) running on stage and the rest of the band following, the crowd jumps on their toes, pressing forward towards the barricade that divides the band and the audience and begin to cheer in unison.

The band stares out into the crowd and Aaron Gillespie begins to pound on the drums for the beginning of “Breathing in a New Mentality.” The crowd responds in cheers and rock hands in the air. Once Spencer begins to sing, circle pits are born and the moshing ensues throughout the rest of their set.

The rest of the set consisted of a mix of their old songs dating back to the “They’re Only Chasing Safety” era, to their recent “Lost in the Sound of Separation.” Playing their hits like, “Writing on the Walls”, “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door,” and their recent single, “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.”

Underoath put on an energetic, lively show with Spencer Chamberlain (Vocals) jumping into the crowd and singing, Aaron scaling his drum set to sing on top of it, and Grant Brandel (Bass) bouncing around on stage. Needless to say, there was never a boring moment in their half hour of playtime and they never failed to give their audience what they wanted.

Not only do they play their old, but they also bring in the new and the crowd loved it, singing along religiously.

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