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Is He too Good to be True?

July 14, 2009

Written By: Porsche Simpson

Do you think we meet people that are too good to be true, or is that person just actually incredibly fantastic? Because let’s put the shoe on our other foot for a second. Say you met a man or woman and they thought YOU were too good to be true. The words that extracted forth from your mouth were perfect to them, and let’s not forget about how beautiful they thought you were. If they tell you that you’re too good to be true, are you going to deny it and see it as this horrible put down, or agree and say “Hell yeah, I sure am?”

I ask this because a new guy in my life seems to always know the perfect thing to say in order to put a smile on my face. We met almost two months ago while I was enjoying a girl’s night out. We talk often and he’s absolutely great, and of course handsome. But he falls under the too good to be true category.

Why? well because apparently he thinks I’m the most beautiful girl in California, and he has no problems telling me all the time. He’s the type of guy that girls dream about. I wake up and find the sweetest messages on my cell that he sends while I’m sleeping. He wants to make me smile and feel great; his words not mine. Now don’t get me wrong, all this is great but I guess since I’m not used to a guy being so caring (sad I know) I’m not sure how to react.

It’s ridiculous when you have bad luck with men, or women, because when a great one comes along you expect them to be another asshole like the last one. But don’t we want better for ourselves?

So when I get messages such as: “Just in case nobody has complimented you today, you are the hottest girl on Earth..”

Do I sleep with one eye open because who knows how many other girls he’s telling this too (although he claims none) or take it for what it is…a guy who wants to make me happy unlike the past jerks in my life?

What do you think?

Too Tired for Sex?

July 1, 2009

Written By: Porsche Simpson

So I was cruising the net, when my girlfriend, who loves to asks me for male advice, texts me yet again asking for…you guessed, advice! Now usually I’m quick to give her an answer, but her current situation brought me to a halt. Unlike me, my friend seems to always have a boyfriend. Well this current boy, or man (let’s hope) has been pampering my dear girl for the past year. But here’s the catch, I received a text message from her saying, “He said he’s too tired to have sex…is this true?”

Of course I tell her that it is, I mean we’re all human and sex isn’t mandatory or anything. But as I texted her my answer, I became unsure. Is a guy ever THAT tired that he does not want to have sex with you? I mean it’s her boyfriend for goodness sake.

This hasn’t ever happened to me before, but of course my life isn’t that exhilarating. I was giving my girlfriend an answer, like I always do, but I wasn’t sure if I believed what I told her. She did tell me that they recently came from spending the weekend in Arizona, and he didn’t get any sleep.

The question… is a guy ever too tired to have sex with you??… is boggling my brain right now.

When I think of man, I think of sex. And what man is going to resist it, especially from your girlfriend? I don’t know, maybe he really was tired.

The only way to get an answer…was to ask a man! Which is what I did. Between all of my confusion, I just happened to be instant messaging my best guy friend/former high school crush. I asked him if a guy is ever too tired to have sex and he said, “It depends, but if a girl starts, he won’t stop”.

“Well, what does it depend on exactly? If he’s attracted to you, haven’t taken medication to prevent a hard-on…what?!”

“You know what, read between the lines!!”

Okay, okay I got it!

So my male friend says, it depends, but! ‘IF YOU START HE WON’T STOP’…so in the end, I guess it doesn’t matter how tired he is because if you make the first move, then apparently he’s not going to stop you.

Is this true? Who knows, I title it another male answer that makes no damn sense. So ladies, as long as you make the first move in bed, the man won’t say NO….right?

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