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Shotgun Alley @ Key Club

November 20, 2009

Article and Photos By: A. Mac

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Sounds that echo decades past, and hip swivels that give Shakira a run for her money, Shotgun Alley can put on a show. Arriving at the Key Club I was not exactly sure what to expect… I had done my homework, checked out their Myspace, listened to a song or two but, as we all know, live performances and recordings are two different experiences. It happened to be my first time at the Key Club (I’m a L.A. newbie!) and I was pumped to have Shotgun Alley kick off the work week.

When Shotgun Alley took the stage lights were dim and people were quietly awaiting the first sound. The lights came up and instantly the band jumped into a foot tapping, hair swinging, hip thrusting, ROCK. The energy was intoxicating and the sound penetrating. Shotgun Alley formed in January of 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand. This 6 piece group cites 80s superstars Motley Crue and Alice Cooper.

In fact, they claim to share a bond with Cooper after supporting him on his “Theatre of Death” tour. With multiple instruments and voices their sound is raucous and loud. Rich and full of layers, guitar leads battle in harmony, keyboards swell and lead singer, R.J Kairua dances his ass off.

You’ve got to give it up to a New Zealand born band playing leather panted wank rock. They aren’t striving for Juilliard and the upper echelon’s of musical beauty. Their aspirations are pure. Instead, they’d rather American families out to dinner gawk over their glass bound, black leather jackets at Hard Rock Cafe. Wank rock! Bret Michaels! White jeans! And they know you love it.

I could see that they are not a band of misguided day-dreamers brandishing guitars but instead, a representation of an entire lifestyle. And it shows…from top to cowboy boot bottom, drawing a crowd ranging from typical hipster kids, to a handful of tweens, rocker dudes, and even a stripper or two. Their whole appeal is boisterous good times.