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The Lonely Road of Despair: Head Interviewed

August 25, 2009

Interview By: Natalie Perez
(Metal Editor)

The basic requirements for living the life of a rockstar…… drugs, boose, sex, and rock n’ roll! We’ve all heard of this saying “sex, drugs, rock n’ roll” one way or another. So we should be well aware of what happens behind closed doors. The rockstar lifestyle isn’t all fame and glamour. These musicians deal with mass amounts of stress among other situations revolving around their personal space. What is a rockstar to do? Turn to the bad side of drugs and alcohol.

Former musician of heavy metal act, Korn, Brian Head Welch (simply known as ‘Head’), turned to these bad substances to help comfort him in his time of need. What was the outcome when it was all said and done? He left Korn and found God. Head spoke to me briefly telling me about his past, present, and future dwelling upon what is to become of the almighty musician.

NP: How has the solo lifestyle been treating you?

Head: It’s alright. it’s been a roller coaster, lots of challenges and fun having those good days and bad days, just like everybody else.

NP: You have a CD/Book out, entitled “Save Me from Myself”, can you briefly summarize how these two came together?

Head: I was out in Phoenix, Arizona, and my manager at the time, had came to me saying “I have a book deal for you.” I looked at him funny saying “What do you mean a book deal? I don’t write books! I thought you were supposed to give me a record deal.” Well he says “I got an offer, you can have if you want it.”

It then began to bother me. I thought it would be cool to be able to explain myself and what happened to me. I had written some songs, one of them was “Save Me From Myself,” so I knew I had wanted to name my book after it. A couple of years later, I released the album detailing why I tried killing myself with drugs, and showing me I could stop all of this and ‘save me from myself.’

NP: Would you ever consider making an Audio Book to go along with your book?

Head: I thought about that a lot. I never got around to it. I think it’d be cool to do, we’ll see what happens.

NP: Why did you turn to drugs to comfort you during your hard times in comparison to staying clean and sober and finding another outlet?

Head: It’s just what I liked to do. I drank and did drugs every once in a while. When I entered my 20’s, I did more, but you end up doing it so much you fool yourself. Like if you don’t do drugs but drink, you end up going on to do pot. Then you say to yourself, “Well I’m just doing pot, and not coke.” Then you try coke, which leads to heroine, and the list keeps building up until you’ve reached the gutter. \

NP: Rumors are buzzing about the possibility of a Korn reunion?

Head: That’s not going to happen. I’m doing my own thing, and they’ve got their thing going. Those guys tour way too much. They’re away from their family all the time too. What I like about what I do, is that I get to go on these short two-week runs, then I’m back home for months on end. That’s what works best for me.

NP: When you decided to leave Korn, was it a time that you just wanted to get away from it all and take a break, or was it something more?

Head: To me it was a spiritual thing. I wanted to lay out my life and start fresh. Starting a whole new lifestyle altogether. When I was 10 years old, I had a dream to become a musician, and then become a rockstar. Once I had reached my 30’s and fulfilled those dreams, there was nothing more to do.

I was a speed junkie, blowing money left and right, making myself miserable. So I buried it all and waited to see what happened next. It feels like I’m going someplace new, and to go backwards is pointless. I wanted to head down a whole new direction aiming towards the future.

NP: Would you ever make a double-album, one being the rock n’ roll side and the other being an acoustic side?

Head: I’m not opposed to that at all, so you never know.

NP: What are the most difficult questions you’ve been asked in an interview?

Head: Will you go back to Korn? No I’m kidding. *Laughs* That there is the most difficult question I’ve been asked, because I can’t remember any.

NP: When you turn to God, do you go to church or watch T.V.?

Head: Since I travel so much, I can’t really go to church. So I just meditate on my own while other people are out and about. I do go sometimes, but it’s more of a personal thing with me.

NP: What was one alcoholic drink you just had to have during your bad times?

Head: Coors Light. I didn’t like the hard alcohol really. Sometimes I would do shots, but Coors Light was my drink. I just had to have it.

NP: Any last words of wisdom?

Head: Any last words….yes! There’s this guy named Chi Cheng; he’s in the band Deftones. He was involved in a car accident, and was in a coma for some time. He came out of it, and just can’t talk or move much. There’s this site called where we’re trying to raise money for him, since his insurance was cut off. So there’s my last words, it’s not about me, it’s all about Chi.