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Stacey Farber – Degrassi’s Punk Rock Princess

August 12, 2009

Interview By: Natalie Perez
(Metal Editor)

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about Ellie Nash, the punk rock icon from the hit TV show “Degrassi The Next Generation?” Actress Stacey Farber, who plays Ellie’s character says she’s nothing like her character. She admitted she loved Ellie’s style, but her style revolves around the causal everyday look. Aside from that discussion, Stacey mentioned her spare time routine along with her role on the hit series among other various topics thrown in between. Check out what she had to say about the punk rock lifestyle she once fulfilled.

NP: What are you currently up to?

Stacey: I just got my internship not too long ago for NYC Teen Vogue Online, but I will have a new television series on NBC called “18 to life,” which will be coming out around 2010. Aside from that I also have my 23rd birthday coming up soon! (smiles)

NP: Is there one thing you regret about being a part of “Degrassi The Next Generation?

Stacey: No. Not one bit. If It weren’t for Degrassi, I probably wouldn’t be who I am today, Degrassi is just a big part of me, you know.

NP: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Stacey: Hanging out with Cassie Steele, is currently what I do in my spare time as of right now.

NP: What are your hopes for the near future?

Stacey: Keep my career going. Get married soon, have kids, and just enjoy life.

NP: Who are your idols and why?

Stacey: You know… I don’t really have an idol.

NP: What’s your most embarrassing experience?

Stacey: Wow, haha! Do I have to share?

NP: Do you ever get tired or annoyed by questions asked by Journalists?

Stacey: No. Never. They always ask either the random obvious ones, or crazy funny questions, never the personal ones.

NP: What was it like shooting the first ever “Degrassi Movie” out in Canada and Los Angeles, California?

Stacey: Wow! It was an amazing experience! So much fun catching up with everyone, getting closer to the NEW cast. It was loads of fun.

NP: Why did you choose to go with Journalism as your career while playing Ellie Nash on “Degrassi?”

Stacey: In real life, I actually love writing for magazines. Which I have done, but at the same time, I guess Ellie always wanted to approach something – but wanted to it professionally.

NP: Is there one piece from the set that you got to keep while shooting for “Degrassi” over the years?

Stacey: No, not that I can think of. I think they even kept the rubber bands I used, haha! The props used were very big to “Degrassi.”

NP: Is there anything that hasn’t been covered when it comes to “Degrassi,” topic-wise? It seems like Degrassi has covered everything!

Stacey: They really have, like we say “we go there” they really make sure “Degrassi” gets every single thing.

NP: How long have you liked Hello Kitty, what is you like about that icon?

Stacey: She’s kind of a type of representation for me haha, like Betty Boop kind of, I think I’m more like Hello Kitty.

NP: What is one thing that you would really like to have happen to Ellie?

Stacey: I wanted to see what would have happened if she actually got with Jimmy Brooks, haha! I think that would have been interesting.

NP: Tell us about the “Degrassi” movie, did the entire cast from when it all began, return to reprise their roles? How long were you in Los Angeles, California? Have any favorite location spots, highlights, moments, etc.?

Stacey: I love the beach, it’s sooooo beautiful, so many moments, especially being back with your friends. Well… About the cast, you will just have to wait and see. (Smiles)

NP: Any last words?

Stacey: Watch “Degrassi Goes Hollywood” Friday @ 8:00 PM