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Graveworm – Diabolical Figures

October 5, 2009
Graveworm - Diabolical Figures

Written By: Dave Brooks

Label: E1/Massacre – Rating:

Graveworm offer up their seventh major release in the form of Diabolical Figures, a straight forward, evil-intending glimpse of a doom-inflicted world. Filled with what I would call the “wall of bloody guitar player corpses sound,” you rarely get a chance to rest from the tsunami of guitars rushing towards you. Even if that wave looks and sounds exactly the same the majority time, it is still really big!

“Vengeance is Sworn” upon you as you enter this epic journey. Blast beat attack = +100hp and no mana damage. I am flying high on a dragon made of cod pieces as I look down on “Circus of the Damned” and admire it’s grooving, start stop, off time verses and harmonious keyboard playing. “Diabolical Figures” stand in your way, pummeling the ground, challenging to relent. Throwing down the gamiest of breakdown riffs to stop you in your path. You must persist! “Hell’s Creation” is ahead. Combining the powers of the previous 3 songs, it will challenge your very soul. The riffs are too manic! The vocals are shaking my bones! The keyboards are too low in the mix! There’s a “Forlorn Hope”!

The sun breaks through the sky, enchanting you with spoken word. A bird sings in the distance. Oh no, what is that? The ground is shaking beneath you. You have been fooled. You see the “Architects of Hate” barreling through the mist. Run! It’s too fast and insane for a level 5 mage like you to handle. Equip your Immunity of Brutalism before a “New Disorder” descends on your position. Unrelenting double bass and attacking riffage rain down on your person breaking to occasionally keyboard up your chorus.

Someone should remind Graveworm that the best part of “Message In A Bottle” is it’s lyrics. Forget about that! Grrrrrrraahhhhhhhjkjjk!

Where were we? Right! Thrash yourself back together with “Ignorance of Gods”. A valiant steed will transport you to the battlefield at a break neck and somehow heavier pace. Damn that is pretty fucking heavy. Have no fear as you are near the end of your quest. “The Reckoning” is the theme song of your victory. Airy, then heavy, then heavy and airy….whew. The GAME OVER credits roll and you are the hero once again.

That was fun! Graveworm’s “Diabolical Figures” really put me through it. I hope my neighbors don’t mind my running through the complex with tinfoil armor and a butter knife. I couldn’t help it! Black metalers, doom sayers and medieval knights abound will rejoice in this release. If you want heaviness, keyboards and unintelligible lyrics, get into some GRAVEWORM!

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