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It Dies Today – Lividity

October 30, 2009
It Dies Today - Lividity

Written By: Dave Brooks

Label: Trustkill – Rating:

Releasing their third album “Lividity,” It Dies Today look to start piling up the dead bodies of riffs past. But slightly different… They put a twist on some stock metal riffs, remanufacturing them into solid, original parts. Sometimes a chorus will lead you astray. Hang in there! It’s worth it.

“This Ghost” comes out of the graveyard with a chip on it’s shoulder. It pulls a Casper for the chorus, but can’t hold off from being terrifying as it exits the song. IDT metalcore it up with “Reckless Abandon” and make sure every square inch of the genre is covered by chugs, things that are sung and breakdown riffs sprung. A little seesaw action as “Thank You For Drinking” slams the album back into its gullet. A powerful intro gives you a peek at the complex metal riffs this band is capable of and progresses towards sticking that point home until the end of the track.

“Miss October” can be a bitch sometimes! She gets you all ready for hardcore action only to soften up and not even take her t-shirt off! All joking aside, there is some impressive lead work showcased here. This next track would make Mickey Mouse circa Steamboat Willie “Bleed Out In Black & White”. A handful of ripping riffs cut right through that old bastard with no remorse for the kiddies. Want some singing? Fuck you. The “Martyr of Truth” ain’t havin it! Well, until roughly the 2 minute mark that is. Then you get that soaring kind of singing that might get your goth daughter pregnant. “Nihility” is nothing to sneeze at as the band strikes the metal iron while it’s hot. Fine! They start singing a little bit in the middle and very end. What do you want from me?

I believe you want a “Life of Uncertainty” chock stuffed with the darker end of It Dies Todays’ spectrum. Ok, you got it. Yea, there’s singing in this one too. Quit bothering me! They are lots of the heavies in here to make up for it, I promise. Oh boy, I’ve got a surprise! “The Architects” are here to build a big, happy metal house for you to thrash in! Every riff leading into the other perfectly, surrounded by great chorus vocals. “We are the architects of suffering. We are the architects of criminal desire. We are the architects of suffering. We are the architects of such imperfection.”

If “we” is It Dies Today, then “we” just followed up a nut kicking song with a sing along song. The band practices “Complacence Without Pursuit (Lividity)” with the arrangement of the tracks. This and the follow up “Come Undone” seem like they were added to back of this cd to do just that. There’s not enough going on in either that warrant a spot on this album. The final track has what sounds like a bar full of Scots singing a drinking song in the outro/hidden track. I’m very, very confused as the band hails from Buffalo, NY. I think it’s supposed to be funny……right?

They seem to write great heavy riffs and still appeal to their self advertised Hot Topic crowd. If I were 17, into heavier type shit and happened to get my t-shirts from said store, I would be picking up Lividity in a heartbeat. There’s at least 1 sick, impressive riff on every track. Even if you aren’t a fan of clean metal vocals, there’s major heaviness to save the day. It Dies Today have a lot promise. You could do worse than give this a few listens.

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