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House of Cleopatra Reality Show Launch Party – 11/6

October 26, 2009

Nov 6th 2009 – Anything Goes Toga Party of the year!!

This event is celebrating the launch of Cleopatra of the Nile’s reality show featuring many different celebrities from the entire entertainment industry.

There are several stars who are scheduled to be there at the event to walk the red carpet and support Cleopatra’s chosen charity beneficiary:
Diego Antolini – Italy’s biggest rising star from “Iron Knight” is coming to the US to debut a brand new movie and walk the red carpet as Cleopatra’s “Mark Antony” for the evening. Cleopatra has signed a deal to appear in a major motion picture with Antolini in 2010.

Brittanya – VH1’s breakout reality star, DJ Lady Tribe: VH1’s Rock of Love; Barry Rattcliffe: Nash Bridges and Nip Tuck; Adam Richmond: “Last Comic Standing”; To name a few.

More fabulous stars:
Nikki B: Supermodel; Shelley MIchelle: Body Double to the stars; Music Sensations: Dayda Bass; Leyva; Sharazad: Tenaj; All Destroyed Momentarily, La Cholita, Sincity Sensations: Lauralie and Juliette;
Wrestlers and Title-Holders:
Lenny Porterfield, Ben Maughan, Vic D Vine and others.

Special performance by Maria Amor: Exotifit Fitness Diva; Heinous Apparel and models for run way shows.

Free Giveaways and prizes for best-dressed toga.

This is a charity event. A Portion of the proceeds received by House of Cleopatra will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Please contact Cleopatra directly for more information about the charity beneficiary.


For tickets and event information or contact Cleopatra directly:

(818) 497 3709
General Admission $30 ($100 free gift bag upon entry)
VIP $100 ($200 free gift bag upon entry plus 2 free drink tickets)

Welcome to House of Cleopatra!

Cleopatra Of The Nile

October 26, 2009

Written By: Darwin Green
(Senior Editor)

Cleopatra of the Nile is a smoky, brunette Egyptian woman who was raised in Australia and works as an actress, a host, a wrestler, and now a jeweler. The pressure of achieving success in any one of those things would daunt even the hardest working Hollywood socialite, but this goddess from the outback takes it all in stride.

Her main website,, features her exotic, bare-breasted body on the home page, and one finds that it’s no surprise to learn that she won “Miss Nude Black International 2004.” But as one looks closer (and maybe more at the words) one discovers that her resume includes roles in major feature films, television spots, modeling awards in major magazines, and now her own string of businesses and websites.

She is a genius in self-marketing. The title of one Youtube video linked from her website is “Punk Marketing.” The video has her sitting cross-legged on a wool rug in front of a fireplace in a shirt and tie, wearing glasses and reading a book. She takes her glasses off and says, “It’s difficult to exaggerate how much has changed in terms of consumers’ relationships with brands in the last few years.” She puts the book down, folds up her glasses, puts those down, and while continuing to talk about “market shares,” starts taking off her tie and unbuttons her shirt. By the time she’s talking about media that “interrupts rather than connects with consumers,” the shirt is completely off and she’s sitting in nothing but a two-piece bathing suit, and there’s still a minute left in the video.

Such a sultry campaign as this only clarifies the brilliance that manifests itself in such a woman as Cleopatra. She will use any of the tools that nature granted her. But as this interview shows, she has other reasons to be thankful, and to capitalize on every opportunity given her.

DG: You are a model, an actress, a host, a wrestler…what else do you do?

Cleopatra: I think you covered all the bases. I’m also a jeweler.

DG: How are you able to accomplish all these things in one lifetime?

Cleopatra: I sometimes have five projects going on all at once. I’m an overachiever.

DG: What motivates you?

Cleopatra: That’s a great question, and one that is very personal to my life. I do it all for charity. Do you know what cystic fibrosis is?

DG: Actually, my uncle died of cystic fibrosis when he was 16.

Cleopatra: Well, it usually kills people at a young age like that. I have cystic fibrosis and I’ve survived to 38. Having it really pushed me to do as much as possible with my life because there’s no time to be wasted. What motivates me is that I’m awake every day, and that makes me decide what I’m going to do with each day. I choose to do much more than other people because I’m aware of the limited amount of time I might have at any moment, and I overachieve because I don’t want to lose any opportunities. People might say that anyone could get hit with a bus at any moment, but the way it is for me I don’t want to waste any of it.

DG: That’s pretty incredible. Are there any people who have inspired you?

Cleopatra: Well, nobody famous. The people who have inspired me have all been everyday people. There are two people who have inspired me the most. My mother, first of all. She is the most incredible businesswoman I’ve ever known. She always tackles things that most people have problems doing. She’ll find the hardest task she can find and the results always turn out better than the expectations. If only I were half the woman…

The second person, who will go unnamed, slipped on some grass and snapped his neck. He can’t move below the second vertebra, and he has built a business and an empire without being able to move from the neck down. He never complains about life and he has the most positive attitude of anyone I know. When I’m around him, I can’t complain about anything because he’s so positive and he’s achieved so much that any of my problems seem small compared to his.

DG: Tell me more about your reality show.

Cleopatra: The reality show is basically me taking stars, and entertainers, and interesting people in life and I do what they do. I experience them through my eyes, and in doing so they get to see what they experience through my eyes.

DG: Is there anything that you would want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Cleopatra: I’d like to take my jewelry international. I make unique and interesting jewelry from beads and other things and handcraft them. I’d like to expand my company and have it extend throughout the world.

Don’t miss Cleopatra’s Wild Toga Party on November 6th!!!!!

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Like Cleopatra? I know we do! (Ow-Ow!) For inquiries, you can contact her below:

Phone: (818) 497 3709