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Adventures In Dating

July 3, 2009

Written by: Marie Kennedy

Dating in New York. Where to begin when you’re talking about a city that never sleeps…

Let me start with some background about myself. I was raised in the South and dating rituals (and men in general) below the Mason Dixon line are quite different than some that I have encountered here. I have lived in New York for a year now and can tell you that even in a city of 8 million people, it’s hard as hell to meet a decent guy. But let’s be real, I’m 23 so the places I usually go are filled with “fratstars” who still act like they’re in college. Which is fine – a lot of guys don’t grow up and mature until later in life. And I’m still very good at acting like I’m in college.

But I will tell you, as someone coming out of a 5 year, on and off, long distance relationship, this is definitely a city to forget about past lovers…

Let me share a couple stories from a current dating experience I’m having. We’ll go date by date:

I ran into a guy I went to college with (we’ll call him Dave) on the street. I didn’t know Dave that well, as he was 2 years older than me, but he was in the same fraternity of many guys that I had dated and “come in contact with,” if you will. We ended up exchanging phone numbers, blah blah blah, and he asked me to go to dinner. It was on the same night that he was getting back from a business trip so I was pretty impressed that he was landing at the airport and coming straight to dinner.

We went to Sushi Samba in the Village and had a great dinner. Because we kind of knew each other, we had some things in common to talk about and there was none of the awkward first date-ness that can sometimes happen. The check came, it was pretty pricey, and I offered to help pay just to be nice. He was having none of it, paid the bill, and then we walked around the Village.

At one point he asked me if he could hold my hand. Thinking he was just being a smart-ass (his style) I ignored him and kept talking. He asked again and I was like oh shit, he was serious. Dave said that he knew I was from the South and was trying to be a “Southern Gentleman.” And while that could have been cute, I like a guy who will just take charge and initiate a hand hold. So he called me a cab, we kissed (he did initiate that) and then I got in the cab. The cab driver was all pissed and said “I should have charged you for your make out session.” Thanks, asshole!

It was one of those great first dates where we had so much to talk about and everything was just so new and fresh. Even better when I got the post-date text 15 minutes after I got home. I had a couple reservations before we went out (as I think most girls do) but I came away from the date thinking “why not see where this goes and just have fun? I’m freaking 23 years old, I have no commitments, and I live in New York City. I need to take advantage of my opportunities here!”

So there’s a recap of date #1. From here on out, I will be sharing my “Adventures in Dating” in New York with y’all, the CWG readers. Any suggestions and/or advice are always appreciated…