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Take This, Disney!

October 20, 2009


Ho-White? This is by far the coolest ad I’ve ever seen in my life.

As an ad, it’s exceptionally great, and very edgy. As a PR stunt, it’s even more magnificent. Australia’s Jamieson Brewery created an ad showing Snow White enjoying a post-sex cigarette as she lies naked in bed with the seven dwarves, or…. Whorves.

It was intended to go online, in liquor stores and on bar coasters, to promote the company’s rasberry ale. The tagline: “Anything but sweet.”

Of course, there’s just one problem: Jamieson doesn’t own the rights to Snow White. They belong to Disney, which is highly litigious when it comes to its IP rights. Disney, remember, is the company that persuaded Congress to change the law in order to give it 120 years of copyright protection over Mickey Mouse et al.

As as special CWG bonus, you’ll win a free CD if you can guess which one’s Humpy.