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Amanda Mac

June 19, 2008

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: My name is Amanda Mac and I am a 23-year-old gal living in Los Angeles. I grew up in a small town in the Bay Area where most of my weekends were spent listening to friends play shows in their garages, awww nostalgia. After spending 17 years in a small town I decided college would need to spice things up a bit and enrolled in San Francisco State University where i graduated with a BA in television broadcasting with an emphasis in writing for the internet. After living in SF for 4 years I bounced around a bit between various Bay Area locations and NYC. In May I woke up and found myself in LA, weird right? Well, that is enough about me. FIN.

Likes: I am a fairly girly -girl who hangs out with all dudes so my music has a very wide variety. My first concert ever was BSB however, my 18th birthday was spent at a Gwar show. Some of my current favorite music is: Of Montreal, Wave Machines, The Kill, Mock Orange, Discovery, Ra Ra Riot, Q and Not U, and basically anything I can dance to.