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Born In The Flood/The Wheel

June 19, 2009

Editor’s note: Two great albums that compliment each other perfectly. Enjoy tthese reviews, ladies and gentlemen, I know I did!

If This Thing Should Spill by Born In The Flood
Released: May 15, 2007
Rating: 3 Guns

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Born In The Flood

Combining the sound of Radiohead and U2, Born In The Flood follows up their EP The Fear That We May Not Be, with If This Thing Should Spill.

The standout track on this album is “In Debt To The Heart”. Nathaniel Rateliff has a great falsetto that just adds to the song.

“Anthem” starts slow and works up to a fast rock song. Rateliff and the band do a great job vocally and instrument wise to create that sound.

I think that this is a promising band that will soon hit the mainstream. The rock sound on display is great. I was watching the band on YouTube and their live performances are outstanding. They are one of the few bands that sound good live as they do on CD.

Desire And Dissolving Men by The Wheel
Released: November 6, 2007
Rating: 3 Guns

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The Wheel

The solo album from Nathaniel Rateliff, who is in Born In The Flood, releases a very somber album that is a departure from his work in Born In The Flood.

Recorded in Rateliff’s living room, you feel like you are listening to a private performance. Nathaniel plays most of the instruments and even sings the background vocals.

The songs are very raw and deal with longing and reflection.

“Did You Come Here” is about walking down the aisle and bond between a man and woman. It almost sounds like a country song with it’s talk singing style.

“My Hanging Surrenders” is my favorite track and Nathaniel’s falsetto is very good.

This album is very folksy and beautiful. Nathaniel has a great career ahead of him as both a solo artist and with his band (Born In The Flood).