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Memphis May Fire – Sleepwalking

August 12, 2009

Label: Trustkill
Rating: 2 Guns

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Memphis May Fire

Written By: Natalie Perez (Metal Editor)

Memphis May Fire… What can be said about them that hasn’t been said already? Perhaps that all that these guys have accomplished, is the release of a mere worthless EP that failed to show the world what they were all about. That’s pretty much the sense we receive when we get handed a demo or an EP. In this case, we decided to give these guys another chance in the music-making process, and thus “Sleepwalking,” was born.

“Sleepwalking.” Isn’t that the process in which you have no idea that you’re doing something during the middle of the night? I believe so, but anyhow, Memphis May Fire have released this album for some reason, and it presents itself to be decent. 10 tracks to entertain and amuse you until your sides are sore and bleeding from the agony and pain you’ll be listening in on.

As soon as the album begins, you’ll get slapped in the face with the derivative basics, vocalist building up to then spit out an echoing scream that breaks the sound barrier to pieces. While the backup is not far behind, instrumentally the guitars going into numerous break-downs and solo riffs that tend to repeat themselves more than once. The drumming process keeps up, letting the vocals and guitars do their thing. Throughout the record, we often find the band trying their hardest to show that the music they’ve created is worth hearing.

Most of the songs given here just play off sounding alike no matter what order you wish to play them. Some that do tend to stick out include, “Ghost In The Mirror, “The Face With No Name,” along with “Speak Now I’m Listening.” Each of the afforementioned does a repeating texture of constant break-downs with scream-type echoes that leave a rotating ringing in your ear drum. Memphis May Fire’s attemp at an LP is a shallow intake on what they’re trying to accomplish with its determination to sound just like everyone else.

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July 16, 2009