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Fat Possum Announces Signing & Album OF New Artist Digital Leather

August 13, 2009

Fat Possum Records is proud to announce their newest signing, Digital Leather. What started off as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist Shawn Foree, has now blossomed into his debut album Warm Brother. Foree was raised on a Baha’i hippie commune in the wilds of southern Arizona, where he went to college for 19th Century American Lit and other mind-expanding activities. It was there that he honed his skill at writing darkly infectious songs: pounding drums, moody vocals, squelching vintage synths and undeniably catchy hooks that attracted the attention of garage rock superstar Jay Reatard, who now manages the band. The songs on this album seem somewhat lo-fi, but the songwriting is impeccable; the tracks could sound just as at home on an acoustic guitar as they do with a full band. This album feels like garage-rock from the dark side, a complex, genre-bending puzzle that is immediately listenable.