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Billy Currington – A Little Bit Of Everything

September 9, 2009

Label: Mercury Records Nashville

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Billy Currington

Written By: Jeff Markunas
(Americana/Country Editor)

The Chrysler building is an Icon of American architecture; anyone can see the power and beauty of its structure. When an Architect looks at the Chrysler building, the second thing he/she notices is the ‘nuts and bolts’ of its construction – I view a song the same way; by how it’s put together.

I listen to a song the way Record exec’s always have. A song has 10 seconds to convince my ears that it’s worth listening to. Does that sound unfair to you? Well, How long does it take you recognize your favorite songs?

A good song rocks, it makes you tap your foot and sing along. A Great song does all that and rocks your soul to its depths – Anything less just annoys, wastes your time and clouds your soul. I’ve been getting some flak from the Boss about not reviewing the individual songs in depth and not mentioning the artist’s name enough, so Billy Currington, prepare to meet your Fate.

“People Are Crazy” – Couldn’t agree more. This song hits all my marks for judging
a song. It has a pleasant hook that’s easily identifiable in 10 seconds. Billy’s singing is good and the lyrics nail it. This is a hit. So, what’s the “BUT?”

Like a High School term paper, if you copy the smart girl’s format without plagiarizing, you too, will get an A. Formulaic (1 word review) Formulaic, Formulaic, Formulaic (3 word review). Brad or Keith could have made this song “Kick Ass.”

“Swimming in Sunshine” – Catchy, somewhat unusual, but overall Country Bubblegum.
Its got a good beat and you can dance to it – I give it a 75.

“Life and Love and the Meaning Of” – Take an arena rock anthem, muddy it up and countrify it – then you’ve got something.

Billy Currington – No reason – just making sure you’re still awake.

“Every Reason Not To” – Dull and Fails the 10-second test.

“Don’t” – Average – Synonym for Formulaic.

“Everything” – OK, We got a winner! But… even though these songs are by different songwriters, it sounds like they all went out to lunch and decided, a couple of Beers
later, to write one long song that could be cut into album size pieces.

Billy Currington – see above

“Walk On” – Love the Steel player, but now I’m wondering, “Can a CD case be used like a throwing-star or edge weapon?”

“No One Has Eyes Like You” – Talk about 10 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

“That’s How Country Boys Roll” – Well, Billy Currington, now that this one’s in the can, you’ve got a second hit. Roll on down to the fishin’ hole, just don’t park the pick-em-up next to Brad or Keith’s, or you will get your ass kicked.

“I Shall Return” – First of all, don’t threaten me! Secondly, go to Ernest Tubb’s and buy Marty Robbins’ and Don Rich’s albums and see how it’s really done.

“Heal Me” – Yes, Billy Currington, a song IS supposed to have a beginning, middle and end. Yes, it should build to a resounding climax – So when you recorded “Heal Me,” What was it you didn’t understand about the concept?

You know Billy, with ProTools, Skype and the internet, you can phone your vocals into the studio and never have to get out of bed. Don’t stress yourself cowboy!

Judge for yourself, stream Billy’s album above in the widget