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America’s Most Wanted: Show Review

August 16, 2009

Written By: Victoria H.
(Urban Editor)

On Thursday, America’s Most Wanted (Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, Young Jeezy, and the true highlight and headliner, Lil’ Wayne) rolled into the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles to perform to a sold out crowd.

Soulja Boy started off the night and performed his hits, “Crank That” and “Ya, Trick Ya!” Soulja’s performance was hyper and energetic as he moved, jumped and danced all over the stage.

Young Jeezy definitely put on for the city (no pun intended), performing “Put On,” “Love In This Club” and other hits off “Thug Motavation.” Jeezy also promoted his up-coming album “TP103” – coming out soon.

Around 10:20 PM, the lights went down. You could feel the surge of energy exploding as the crowd anticipated Lil Wayne’s entrance. The shouts of “Wayne, Wayne” made it feel like the crowd was welcoming a king, Hip-Hop royalty if you will.

With a flash of light and fire, Lil Wayne rushed the stage, opening with “Carter III” anthem, “A Milli.” When Wayne said he’s “I’m sick, I’m ill”, there was no one who disagreed.

“I believe in three things…” Wayne told the crowd just after he performed “A Milli.” “One,” he said, “I believe in God. Two. I’m shit without you, my fans, and three. I’m shit without you!” The crowd roared in approval. Wayne also took time to show respect to the great rappers who came before him…he asked the crowd to put one finger in the air for Biggie…two fingers for Pac…three fingers for Jay-Z and four for himself.

Lil Wayne was on point the whole set; performing “Prom Queen” on guitar, “Lollipop,” his verse of “Swagga Like Us,” “Shoot Me Down,” “Mrs. Officer,” “Kush” and “Tie Me Down,” just to name a few. Wayne also shared the stage with Birdman and gave the spotlight to the up-and-coming artists on his Young Money label.

Lil Wayne is a rock star…and this show was probably the one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.