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The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Remixes)

October 14, 2009
The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Remixes)

Written By: James Swigart

Label: Self-Released – Rating:

“Take Me To The Hospital,” by the Prodigy, is a tune that’s funny in a good way. “Take Me To The Hospital” features a lot of synthesizer and non-standard vocals. The song’s telling us to have some fun and to not take things too seriously. This is a vibe with which we whole-heartedly agree.

This disc features 9 versions of “Take Me To The Hospital.” The “Rusko” version features scratching, sped-up vocals that sound like the vocalist just took a hit of helium, and ethereal effects. The “Adam F and Horx” version starts off with keys, a hammering drum machine, and that same baby voice that’s trying to make us grin. The change of pace is sublime. There’s a nice interlude that is relatively slow and, if we were dancing, would let us get to know our partner a bit better. When we’re told to “Hold it,” we do. If you can’t dance to this tune, you’re comatose or dead.

The “Loser” version begins by telling us to “Hold it” along with the usual keys and effects. There’s a backing chorus that’s arresting. While the chorus is being chanted, the tune begins to hammer and get us into a frenzy. Then, it quickly slows and later rebuilds. This is our favorite version. What’s nice about the backing vocals is that they are sung in a feminine voice. Keith Flint’s voice can be harsh.

The “Josh Homme” version is not noticeably different from the other versions. It was nice of Josh to take some time to explore some electronica. Maybe his next trip into this universe will show more of his personality.

Everything about this band screams to not take them too seriously. This point is hammered home by the name of one of the versions, “Re-Pump Ints.” The backing effects within “Re-Pump Ints” are like a bass guitar playing one note furiously. Above this note a synthesizer pounds away a dance beat. The drum machine keeps the vibe airy and non-threatening. The guitar sound is welcome and helps give the tune a much needed edge. For the sake of pure comedy, this disc contains a “Re-Pump Radio” version and a “Re-Pump” version.

Bernard Sumner, New Order’s legendary singer, has a much smoother voice than Prodigy vocalist Keith Flint shows on “Take Me To The Hospital.” New Order’s brilliant album, Power, Corruption and Lies, is filled with beautiful sounds produced by electronics. “Take Me To The Hospital” is not as beautiful as signature New Order but is perhaps more visceral.

Like New Order, the Prodigy seemingly produce brilliant dance tunes with ease. The lyrics in “Take Me To The Hospital” – “Along came a spider” and “Welcome to the scene of the crash” – aren’t deep thoughts and help keep us focused on dancing. The Prodigy may be trying to help us deal with some of life’s more noxious events by trying to make us dance.

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