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The Marble Index – Watch Your Candles Watch Your Knives

October 8, 2009
The Marble Index - Watch Your Candles Watch Your Knives

Written By: Zoe Porteous

Label: Rock Ridge – Rating:

The Marble Index’s second album, Watch Your Candles Watch Your Knives, has a lot of danceable tracks, and some great lyrics that got stuck in my head, so I went back and listened to their first album, The Marble Index, and was surprised by how far they have come on the new record.

When I first started researching the band, I figured the album would prove to be just another garage band trying to make it big without actually having something worthwhile to say. But with Watch Your Candles Watch Your Knives, that proved to not be the case. The Marble Index has been around for a while, and although I had never heard of them, I’m sure that they have a following in their native Canada. Releasing their first album and an EP in 2004, and doing extensive touring after that, has helped the band to be more cohesive and has polished their music in a way that’s not evident in their first release. The Marble Index has become a more mature band and their sound reflects that while not forgetting about their garage band roots.

The tracks on the record make you want to get up and dance, they put you in a good mood and keep you listening. The band sounds like they opened the garage door and invited everyone for a huge block party. It’s guitar driven dance music, minus the techno pop.

One of the best tracks is “Let Me Be The One” – it’s the first track on the record for a good reason! The guitar riffs have been permanently stuck in my head since I first heard it, and I don’t mind. Even the slight reggae feel is fun and inviting. Another of my favorites is “Not impressed,” the vocals by Brad Germain stay with you long after the song is over.

The Marble Index has grown allot on their second release, even though I think there is still room for improvement in developing their music. Although the music is slightly ‘too familiar guitar driven dance music,’ the band is working towards a unique sound. They have improved so much from their first album that I have no doubt that they will get even better on their third effort. I can see them sticking around for quite awhile.

I give this 3 out of 4 guns

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