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The Duckworth Lewis Method – Meeting Mr Miandad

September 15, 2009

Here’s a nice notice of a side project of Thomas Walsh of Pugwash.

Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh of Pugwash have dared to shake the foundations of rock and roll: they have created a concept album all about cricket. And just in time for another historic England victory in the Ashes.

So why does it work? Their musical versatility means the album skips effortlessly from track to track. Hannon’s superb lyrical ability and extensive vocabulary gives The Duckworth Lewis Method a sardonic cleverness while always remaining aware of the silliness of this project.

‘Jiggery Pokery’ is a Gilbert and Sullivan style ballad of Shane Warne’s debut dismissal of Gatting: captivating, upbeat and uproarious. Even the instrumental ‘Rain Stops Play’ remains evocative of the rather silly sport. Synth-heavy ‘The Coin Toss’ is a cogent example of this album: piano-led, lyric-bursting pop with spoken word interludes. a personal favourite is ‘Meeting Mr Miandad’ which overflows with Beatles influence.