iPod Touch Give-Away

Win a 64 GB iPod Touch

Chicks With Guns Magazine is giving away a 64 GB iPod Touch; pre-loaded with all of Let ‘Em Riot’s music.

To Win, go to the Rattlebox.com/ecard/cards/1366 and e-mail the Let ‘Em Riot “Life’s Not Automatic” e-card to as many people as you can. Rattlebox will keep score. The person that sends out the most copies of the e-card will win the iPod Touch. – Contest ends December 19th

Sponsored by: Rattlebox, Chicks With Guns Magazine, and Let ‘Em Riot

About Chicks With Guns:
CWG Magazine is the #2 music-oriented internet publication in the world. Founded in January of 2008, Chicks With Guns Magazine has grown into a mini-empire, becoming a household name in music and entertainment.

About Let ‘Em Riot:
The latest group to hail from Southern California, Let Em’ Riot, can’t really be called a group at all because it has only one member. His name is Alan Oakes. Oakes has been writing and performing for over a decade. After numerous bands and a handful of albums, he continues to move forward, opting to offer all of his music for free in place of being locked into a “corporate contract.”

Please remember to download your free copy of “Automatic” by Let ‘Em Riot @ Letemriot.com

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