Tiesto: World’s biggest DJ?

Tiesto is arguably the biggest trance/dance/electronica artist in the world. He’s had hit singles, a grammy nomination, is featured on the new DJ hero video game, and performed at the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics. Not to mention, he can start a party anywhere, anytime.
Today I had a chance to talk with him briefly. Listen here for our conversation:

I ask him the following questions:

Q: Can you even begin to describe what it must be like to perform in front of 250,000 people?
Q: The new album is Kaleidoscope and the first single is “I will be here.” The song hit #1 on Billboard’s dance radio Airplay chart. Safe to say it’s your biggest hit so far?
Q: How/where did you learn to dance? What do you feel the dancing adds to your music and performance?
Q: Your track, “elements of life” is featured on the new DJ Hero game. How did that come about?
Q: Kaleidoscope is your fifth album. What can you say about the album?
Q: On this album you work with acts like Sneaky Sound System, Nelly Furtado, Emily Haines and Calvin Harris. How did these collaborations come about and what was it like working with those artists?
Q: The tour for the album sees you playing 175 live shows across five continents. Where are you currently in that process?
Q: It has been said that you have, “created the biggest and best live show to date leaving fans and critics breathless.”
Q: Some people say that you have made the dance album an art form. Your thoughts?
Q: Your website features a section where fans can remix your songs and submit them back to you. Tell me more about this.
Q: Any thoughts on your future as an artist?

Find more on Tiesto at:


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