Q. and A. with Phantom Communique

Q: To my readers who may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about the sound of this band and what you are all about.

A:The sound of this band can only be described as rock metal. We love epic melodies and we love crushing riffs. I wanted this band to reflect that, so rock metal is what you get. What we are mostly all about is energy, raw vicious energy. Our record is well thought out and quite under control, but when you get us on the stage you may not even recognize us as the same band. The music is just as tight but the energy will singe your eyebrows. To make it easy, take some of the euro metal like “in flames” and “sybreed” and American metal like “killswitch”, “all that remains”, and infuse it with some good solid catchy hard rock like “foo fighters”, mix it up with a bit of “faith no more” and here we are.

Q: Your new album is coming out in February. Bring us (the fans) up to speed on the album, how it came together, what it’s all about, etc. Catch us up!

A: We have had a few bumps in the road with the economy and some other things getting in the way, but we busted our asses on this record and are very proud to get it out there. Jim Kaufman, who produced it, is also my best friend, he said he wanted to produce my band and loves the material. I gave him the shot and he killed it. There ya have it.

Q: On the album. Quote from label, “With a respect for the rock of old and a knack for heavy hooks, the Los Angeles foursome perfectly captures that spirit in the studio.” Would you say this is accurate?

A: Damn straight!

Q: You also have a four song EP that will be available at your upcoming shows. How did you pick the four songs? Do you feel they are representative of what we can expect from the album?

A: We suggested the ones we thought were a good introduction to what we are and the label agreed.

Q: Brandon Thomas has come over from Bleed the Dream. Talk about the process of leaving one band and forming another. Can you tell me how that came about and how this project came together?

A: I am Brandon Thomas and I can tell you that guy Brandon Thomas is a real jerk! Well I was in an LA band called bleed the dream, we toured the world a few times, sold some records and rocked for a few years till it just wasn’t working and we parted ways. I wanted to get back to my metal roots and originally this band was supposed to be heavier then the fucking devil. Didn’t work out that way, people convinced me that hooks is what I’m good at and they were right. So heavy we are, but hooky we are too. I went back to Baltimore and formed ranks and then hooked up with American voodoo and Jim Kaufman in LA to put the final spin on things. And now we set out to run amuck on the rock and metal world.

Q: What can we expect from the upcoming show on Nov 23rd at the Key Club?

A: Pure raging, rocking, debaucherous times. A 30 min set of great energetic music mixed with visual stimuli to go with it. And a little funny funny between songs. I’m a loudmouth. I like to fuck with the crowd and make the best of what I have in front of me.

Q: With the new album coming out in February, can we expect a big tour and a huge year from this band?

A: YES!! we are currently scoping out what tours make sense for us and look forward to unleashing hell on girls and boys all across the lands and sands of time. Epic….

Plug your websites, albums, management, anything and everything ya want:

well, the usual myspace.com/phantomcommunique and purevolume.com/phantomcommunique. you can also follow my silly ass at twitter.com/broshianis. I tweet a lot and get into some silly shit and I like to share it with the world.

We are self-managed right now but I would like to shout-out the whole American Voodoo team and family for busting heads and never even asking questions after. We rule.


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