Continuum Conversation with John Baizley of Baroness

Today I spoke with John Baizley, singer and guitarist of Baroness, one of the biggest names in Metal today.

Baroness just started a new tour that has them playing basically every night from now until Dec 11th, from the East Coast to the West Coast and back. Then in February they’re on to Australia. Some of the bands they’re touring with include Pig Destroyer, Earthless and Iron Age, all artists featured at Chicks with Guns.

Their new album is Blue Record and has been out for about a month. It has drawn rave reviews from such publications as Rolling Stone, Spin, and Metal Hammer.

The album debuted at #117 on the billboard top 200. It’s been incorrectly called the sister album to The Red Album of 2007. It is a clinic in duel guitar wizardry. With ups and down’s, slow and speed, the album is balanced from beginning to end. John Baizley and Pete Adams share guitar duties and each bring a symmetry in style and substance. The result is metal harmony.

The album is bookended by, “Bullhead’s psalm” and “bullhead’s lament.” These two slower, instrumental pieces are the perfect open and close for this brilliant album. The album also features, “A horse called Golgatha” with a new video for that song, and the very artistic “O’er hell and hide,” featuring spoken word lyrics.

Listen here as John and I talk all things Baroness. Among other things, we go into depth on the new album and the songwriting process. John is very open and shares his thoughts and processes that went into making this record.

Find more on Baroness at:

Stay tuned for more updates on Baroness, here as always, in the Continuum.


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