Bad Boys

Written By: Dara King

It is said that every girl likes a bad boy. The good guys never finish first. I myself prefer a tattooed, tight pants wearing, young professional– a doctor on a motorcycle, stethoscope flying in the wind. Although I like that perfect mix of good guy gone bad. Am I adverse to dating wholesome, plain, nice guys?

Counting my past relationships, I realized my good boy vs. bad boy scale tipped overwhelmingly to the bad boy side. What is it with girls and their bad boys? I mean I am an upstanding young lady. I don’t curse, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I keep the partying to a minimum. Yet I like a boy who does all of the above. My only requirement on the good boy scale is employment.

Bad boys are like high heels. You know when you tried them on in the store that you wouldn’t be able to walk very far in them. But they were beautiful, and they made you look so skinny. But they weren’t a perfect fit. And you purchased them even though you knew you would only wear them to one party and they would spend the rest of their lives in your closet looking pretty.

That is a bad boy. You meet him and you know he wont fit you. But you try him on. And you mull over it. And in the end, you decide to take him out for a spin. And then after a painful few weeks, or even months of dating you realize what you knew when you first decided to purchase. They just don’t fit.

So you break up and he becomes just another in your closet full of skeletons. You may even decide to wear flats for a while and vow never to buy heels again. But then you go to the store. And you see the beautiful Proenza Schouler heels on the shelf and you want to try them on because they are just so beautiful… it’s the Justin Bobby effect for all of those who watch the Hills (I know you all do).

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