50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct

50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct

Written By: Victoria Hill
(Urban/Pop Editor)

Label: Aftermath/Interscope – Rating:

“Before I Self Destruct” was planned to be released in 2007, but 50 decided to release “Curtis” instead and pushed “Before I Self Destruct” back. A few singles were leaked earlier this year like “Get Up” and “I Get In.”

Some fans were confused about why “Curtis” came before “Before I Self Destruct.” 50 said, “Some people think I changed the title of my album from ‘Before I Self Destruct’ to ‘Curtis,’ but what I did was I changed albums. I had ‘Before I Self Destruct,’ recorded; twelve songs under that actual topic, and then I created the material that is under ‘Curtis,’ and I felt like this album should come out right now and ‘Before I Self Destruct’ is gonna be my follow-up record, so I’m probably like three or four records away from completing my next album at this point.

“Before I Self Destruct” is a mix of street life and sex. The first part of the album is violent, with tales of drugs, death and vengeance with the last part of the album being dedicated to the bedroom.

“The Invitation,” “Death to My Enemies” and “So Disrespectful” are your typical gangster rap standards, with lyrics like “I bring money to my friends, death to my enemies” and “Enemies stay enemies/ But friends they change/ Niggas go crazy over money” from the track “So Disrespectful.” Eminem and 50 pair up on “Psycho” and is one of the highlights of the album.

The creepiest lyrics in music has to be from “Then Days Went By” in which 50 talks about sleeping with his babysitter. “She was 20, I was 12/ Nana said she raped me/ I just smiled ear to ear saying ‘take it, baby, take it.”

“Baby By Me” with Ne-Yo is currently a hit on the Billboard charts, and with ladies, as 50 raps about finding the love of his life and starting a family. The song contains a sample from 50’s “I Get Money.”

Dr. Dre, Lab Ox, DJ Khalil, Rockwilder create dark, heavy bangers, which is reminiscent of 50’s first album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.” 50 still has a hunger and drive in him (which is why he is one of the richest rappers of all time). The contrast of having street and sex is good, but I think 50 is better when he sticks with street life as a few of the sex songs come off as cheap and cheesy, otherwise “Before I Self Destruct” is a good album.

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