Written By: Dara King

The other day on the subway, I saw a man with a Walkman. Since I
haven’t seen a Walkman in years, I thought to myself, does this
man know the meaning of upgrade? On the same train, a few seats
down was an older gentleman with a younger wife and much younger
children. Considering my earlier question, I realized this man
was probably on his second wife and second set of children—and
that he obviously understood the concept of upgrading.

This led me to think, what is the benefit of upgrading? Why isn’t
love like a house? Why doesn’t love appreciate over the years or
at least gain that comfy lived-in feeling that can’t be
replicated by the new condo across the street? On the flipside,
why would you stay in the tiny brownstone when you could live in
the high rise with the skyline views?

Having recently upgraded my old PC to a brand new shiny Mac, I am
no stranger to wanting the newest and latest model. I am in my
early 20s and I prefer to date men who are in their mid 30s. I
figure that at 10- 15 years younger than them, I have enough of a
shelf life to survive their mid-life crisis before being traded
in for my younger counterpart. I also figure that by the time
they are looking at my blue book value, I may be ready to trade
them in for a younger model as well, so no love is lost.

But then I step back and look at my logic. I once had a friend
tell me that she thought her current boyfriend would make a great
“first” husband. Is this what love is supposed to be? Is it love
until your first tune-up? Or are we still abiding by till death
do us part? I see cute couples on the subway and hope to be that
one-day. I have parents who have been married for 25+ years and
are still in love. It is beyond cute. But since I need a new
Blackberry every 6 months; I am programmed with the idea of built
in obsolescence and unfortunately I am convinced that an upgrade
will always be—oh so necessary.

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