Friend Sex

Written By: Dara King

We all have that friend that we have slept next to fully clothed
and not once pondered what that person looks like naked. The
friend who announces he is coming over and you throw your dirty
underwear that’s on the floor in the hamper but don’t bother to
wash the dishes in the sink. He is the friend that has seen you
in your glasses and sweats as many times as he has seen you in a
dress and heels.

We all have these friends. That is, we all have these friends
until we don’t. One day while watching the football game and
throwing back a chicken coup full of chicken wings you suddenly
look at that friend in a different light. Who knows what the
reason is, you may be in a yearlong drought or you may just be
bored with the football game, but the next thing you know, you
are sleeping next to your friend without a stitch of clothing in

This is when it all gets confusing. You suddenly find yourself
asking– can men and women be legitimate, platonic friends? With
all the games played between the two sexes, is it possible to
have a perfectly good player on the bench that never wants, or
gets to play in the game?

You are now looking at your friend in bed. He just quickly went
from spectator to pinch hitter and now you have to decide whether
to promote or to demote; whether he is now a starter or whether
you to have to cut him from the team. This is always the
unfortunate situation faced when one engages in friend sex.

We all know at this point the relationship has changed. Will
there be more sex? Or will this incident never be mentioned
again. Is he now a boyfriend or still just a friend? If he still
is just a friend, what happens when he tells you about the chick
he just met at the bar the other night?

We all know the answer. He has to be cut from the team. Friend
sex is never good sex, no matter how toe curling, sweaty, and
hair pulling the actual event is. My best advice is to avoid all
friend sex at any cost. But then again, I am the same woman who
usually errs on the side of avoiding men at all costs and filling
your life with shoes instead.

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