A Man And A Vehicle

Written By: Dara King

For some reason, men think being stationary decreases their chances of picking up women. I rarely get approached by a man at a club or a gathering that seems like the appropriate time for exchanging information. Instead, men usually seem to feel most comfortable when in the security of a moving vehicle. It is like when you were 11 and your mother arrived to pick you up in the car pool lane. At that stage in your life, you were too cool to acknowledge her and she embarrassingly yelled your name until you responded. Men use the same tactic.

We have all had those men that yell out the windows of their cars telling you how much they want to get to know you. It is as if men expect you to go cheetah on them and chase their cars down the street. Or even worse, yell your number at the top of your lungs and then wink and say call me. It is like their car is their armor and if you shoot them with bullets of rejection, they can quickly drive to safety without too much collateral damage.

Point in case: I seem to be a Maserati magnet. Walking through the streets of Manhattan, I seem to stop Maserati owners in their tracks. Why, I do not know. I would never give a man my number who is in a car regardless if the car costs more than most suburban houses.

But Maseratis aren’t the only moving vehicles that seem to bolster a man’s confidence. Taxicabs offer free rides, bus drivers nearly run over school kids while yelling at the lady walking up the street. I even had a man once ask me for my number on a crowded bus while he was comfortably sitting and I was standing in 5inch heels. He didn’t even have the decency to offer me a seat before going in for the kill.

What is it about a man and a vehicle? In the history of mankind, has there ever been a woman that has walked up to a man in a car and gave him her number? I am beginning to suspect that there has been. It is either a successful pick up tactic that I do not know about or it is a knee jerk reaction akin to boobs walk past, man looks.

Whatever it is, just like I didn’t respond to my mom yelling at me from the carpool lane (and she often sped off to teach me a lesson… and in that case, I often did go cheetah and chase her car down the street) I feel that most women don’t respond to the battle cries being yelled out the window. But for those 2 percent that do, I judge you. You give men that false sense of confidence that the rest of women kind have to deal with on a daily basis. Thank you.

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