Up close and personal with Quinn Allman of The Used

This past Wednesday night, 11/11/09, I had the privilege of seeing The Used at the Warfield in San Fransisco.

I arrived at the venue at 3:30pm for a 7:00pm show. Why did I do this? Because I had an interview scheduled with Quinn Allman, guitarist of The Used. By my side was my friend and photographer Brett Gulbrandson. I have to admit I am a fan of the band, but having a true fanatic of the band like Brett with me gave me a lot of added confidence.

We were met by their tour manager around the back of the venue. We were invited down to the green room while we waited for Quinn to finish his sound check with the band. As we waited, I was a bit nervous. Soon enough, the tour manager came back in and advised us that it would be more quiet in the dressing room. We walked down a series of hallways until we were there. Turning a corner, there was Quinn. I have talked with a lot of rock- stars, but this was the first time in this type of environment.

I sat on the couch next to Quinn and began a conversation. (see photos). He seemed nervous or agitated at first, so I tried my best to put him at ease. This seemed to happen quickly. Next thing I knew, we were breezing through a great conversation about the band, the venue, the tour and how the heck he plays the verse of, “Buried myself alive.” Quinn turned out to be extremely nice, polite and thoughtful. I was very grateful for his time and the chance to talk to him.

Listen to the entire conversation here:

20 minutes felt like five. I knew my time was running short. We got some photos with Quinn and told him what big fans we are, etc. (below is Quinn and Brett)

Within minutes, we were back out on the street with the rest of The Used fans, waiting to get into the show. The show turned out to be amazing, one of the best I’ve ever seen. Look for a review of the entire concert coming soon in the “Live and direct” section of this website.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Used, here as always, in the Continuum.

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