Meet up and coming metal gods, "The Cyrus"

<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –As I continue my ongoing quest to discover up and comers in the metal scene, today I introduce you to “The Cyrus.”

This is a band that caught my attention with their furious brand of screamo death metal. They are currently struggling to escape the confines of their home in Chicago, while recording more songs and building their fanbase. They are well on their way in this endeavor.

The origins of the band go back about three years with the first two members. They have a presence and maturity, combined with youthful energy that is amazing.

The band has come together and produced several songs, including the riveting “lattice of flesh,” which can be found in the free music section of this website. These guys are still so young and so raw, and already so powerful and dynamic. The sky is truly the limit for them.

I caught up with them recently after they finished a night practice session. Listen here for the entire conversation:

Along the way, they eloquently state that, “to be someone, you have to know someone.” Well, they know me and I’m telling you, you need to know them also.

It is exciting to have found these guys early on in their career. I look forward to watching them blossom in the coming months and years. Follow their success moving forward, here as always, in the Continuum.

Find more on the Cyrus at:


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