Adelitas Way – Self-Titled

adelitas way

Written By: Victor Alfieri

Label: Virgin – Rating:

Despite being incredibly young in terms of band life, Adelitas Way has already come a long way. They’ve already toured across the country with several large bands, are out with Halestorm right now and are all set to go out again in early 2010 with Shinedown.

“Invincible,” the first release off of their self-titled album was used earlier this year as CBS promoted the season finale for CSI: Miami. This same song is also the theme song for WWE Superstars airing Thursdays on UPN. The band also has recorded a song used by one of the wrestling tag teams for their intro.

After doing some research, it was with much anticipation that I sat down to listen to this album. With the first track being their “hit,” things started off well. “Invincible” is filled with just enough pent up emotion to get the heart rate up and the anthemic chorus creates images of arenas going wild. It does not take long to see that these guys can really play.

This album gets a little cloudy after that first track though. The band gets lost behind some of their influences at times throughout the rest of the album. “Dirty Little Thing” is a fun little song, but screams of Nickleback as does “Just a Little Bit.” “Last Stand” is a little too reminiscent of Daughtry. Let me be clear here. These are not bad songs. It’s quite the opposite. They are well-crafted and well-produced. With a little maturity and experience, I think it’s fair to say Adelitas Way will continue to carve out their own sound. They will get the chance, because I don’t think they are leaving anytime soon.

There are some strong tracks on this album. “Invincible” is definitely one of them. “So What if You Go” is another song that fits the “Major Air Play” mold. “Closer To You,” the album’s power ballad and “Brother,” the piano-based final track also do very well.

Adelitas Way consists of Rick DeJesus (Vocals), Chris Iorio (Lead Guitar), Keith Wallen (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Derek Johnston (Bass) and Trevor “Tre” Stafford (Drums). The album was released by Virgin Records and produced by Johnny K (Staind, 3 Doors Down).

This is a solid first attempt by a band that obviously has talent. As long as they continue to create the “Adelitas Way” sound and not get lost behind influences, they’ll do well. It won’t be long before we see them headlining the arenas instead of opening for others.

Like Adelitas Way? Check out: Nickelback, Daughtry

Rating: 2.5 out of 4 guns.


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