Continuum conversation with Bobby Ellsworth of Overkill

Today I spoke with Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth, vocalist of the legendary thrash metal band, Overkill. Overkill is a band that has been at it for over two decades, outlasting most of their peers. With this in mind, today I set out to talk to Bobby and find out what made his band and sound sustainable, what keeps him going today and what his plans for the future are. Along the way I’d find out what the current state of the band is, what is going on with the new record, and a bit more about Bobby personally.

It turns out that with a character like Blitz, it is relatively pointless to have a plan entering a conversation. Within a couple of minutes we had hit seven different topics and were all over the place. To a true metalhead, this was fantastic! Some of the stories interweave and tie together. The main points get through though. Bobby has seen and done it all and has the stories to prove it. He is one heck of a character.

You can read all about the details of their new album, their forthcoming tour, their signing with E1 records and all the standard stuff at the links below.

If, however, you want to hear a real conversation with a real rocker about real life, listen here (you will not be disappointed):

Find more about Overkill at:

Stay tuned for updates on Overkill in the coming year, here as always, in the Continuum.


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