The Crystal Method @ The Echoplex

Written By: Victoria Hill
(Urban/Pop Editor)

I’ve never been popular enough to get invited to a secret show, but that all changed last Saturday. I was invited to watch The Crystal Method perform for a small crowd of fans and industry people. The show was in conjunction with the newly-launched Gen Cre8 initiative from Avid, the digital audio and video media technology company behind such innovative products as Media Composer, Pro Tools, Avid Unity and more.

The crowd mingled at the bar and would turn their heads in anticipation when a sound tech would test the turntables and a Crystal Method song would play for a few seconds. Around 7:30pm, the room went dark and buzzing electronic sounds overwhelmed the small room. It seemed like an alien invasion was taking place. The spotlights flicked around as a robotic voice said “Welcome Los Angeles; welcome Glendale Boulevard; we are the Crystal fucking Method.”

The energy of the room swelled as Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan took to the electronics. True rock stars, each movement they made seemed like a possessed demon, as they played songs from their latest album “Divided By Night” and classics like “High Roller” and “Busy Child.” That feeling overtook the packed room as the crowd swayed, danced and jumped in a hypnotized trance (including myself) to the beats that vibrated throughout the room. I could feel the music pounding through my feet as I danced.

The hour-and-a-half set flew by, and when the lights came on, it seemed like everyone awoke from a dream. The warm energy still buzzing, The Crystal Method said goodnight and it was time to go back to reality.

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