Hot Chelle Rae – Nash Gives Up The Goods

Interview By: Pablo Cortez

PC: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience recording your debut album, “Lovesick Electric?” What was it like? What did you learn? Was it as expected?

Nash: Well, we are very fortunate to have been able to work with what I would call our dream team of talent for this record. Between Hollywood and Malibu, where we got to work with Eric Valentine and Butch Walker, to finishing the record with Matt Radosevich in Nashville… It has turned out to be everything we wanted and more. With Valentine we really had to step our game up as far as getting as close to perfect as possible. Every moment had it’s decided role, and it makes an incredible picture.

Being in the studio standing next to Butch Walker was kind of surreal to us, since watching and learning from him since R.K. and I started writing together. He’s a vocal arrangement genius, which hits home with us(we share a mutual obsession with Queen). As a last minute surprise Mark Endert agreed to mix most of the album. He’s the only person we desired to work with, that hadn’t been in the equation. He brought this whole together. All in all, “Lovesick Electric” is everything, and way more than we dreamed of.

PC: How did you settle on the album title, “Lovesick Electric?” What significance does it hold?

Nash: It’s a lyric in the bridge of “I Like to Dance,” but before that, we had written a song called “Lovesick Electric.” It was a phrase we made up at random, and kind of gave our own meaning to. To us, it defines being addicted to music, or being a slave to the groove. I remember one day R.K. called me and said “I know the title of our first album.” I knew it before he said it. It’s been one of the few unwavering decisions since it’s inception.

PC: The track “I Like to Dance” has gotten some exposure on shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” & “Dancing With The Stars.” Are you guys fans of the shows? What is your reaction to hearing your song played on national primetime television?

Nash: Those are both very addicting shows! No matter how many times we hear our music played during a TV show, it always makes us a bit giddy. Especially if we don’t know it’s going to happen.

PC: How and why did you guys decide to sign with Jive Records? What has that relationship been like?

Nash: Jive was really one of the only labels to get our goal/vision/dream. Every other label we had gone to, indie or major, had been sort of clueless as to what they planned to do. Not only with us, with the way that the industry is constantly changing. Jive seemed to really have it together, from their track record, to their support for us. They’re in this for more than a brief flash. We plan on making the long haul.

PC: I know you’ve just started the ‘music business’ side of things but is there any advice you may have for current up and coming bands looking to get signed?

Nash: It’s all about material. We’ve seen some of the best musicians be turned down because they don’t have something “special.” We’ve also seen people get signed who could barely play their instruments, all because of having great songs. Write, write, write(and yes, get really good at your instrument). If you have great songs, people will come to you. After that’s set in motion, you need a live show that makes people want more.

PC: What’s the best part about touring?

Nash: Well, on this current Third Eye Blind tour, I have to say that everyone getting together for a bus party after a show is a pretty good way to end each night. But NOTHING makes an impact on us like meeting and hanging out with new(and longtime) fans. Anytime someone comes up to us and says we’re their new favorite band, or that a song spoke to them, it makes our night.

PC: Any favorite gigs, venues that you’ve played?

Nash: The Stanley Theatre was one of the most incredible buildings we’ve played. The fans were great, and everything was painted with gold leaf trim. Pretty cool to see. Also, on the other end of the spectrum is the House of Blues in Cleveland OH. Rock and Roll to the max. Dirty sweaty and loud, and we loved it.

PC: What’s one style or piece of music you just hate? And I mean loath, like you want to see it banished from all formats and all airwaves?

Nash: There may be a song or two by this artist that is acceptable. Ugh, I HATE this question so much, but since you asked… Flo Rida. Unless it’s featuring T-Pain(one of our favorites) or someone great…. the radio is getting turned off.

PC: Can’t wait to see how you’re music video comes out, what was that like? I hear you shot at Crazy Gideon’s in Los Angeles, did you get to meet him?

Nash: We did! He even did a cameo in our video(a scene with Stephanie Pratt). It was the coolest experience. We arrived at 3pm, and left at 6am. We were tired for a few days after, but it came out better than we imagined. It’s wild, and crazy, and fun, and a bit rebellious;). Hope everyone gets to see it SOON.

PC: I know you’ve got a lot of touring coming up, what’s the game plan for you guys, post tour?

Nash: We’ll go home, relax, write more songs, and figure out where to play next. Sadly I’m sure there will be a couple of overdue bills too… may have to ignore those. haha

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