Talking shit with Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms

Today I spoke with Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms. The Lawrence Arms is a punk rock band out of Chicago with attitude to burn. Brendan is the bassist and one of the vocalists in the band. They are notorious for running their mouths. While some may find them offensive, the truth is that they aren’t looking for trouble, they just talk about things that they see that are wrong. Really, isn’t this what punk rock is all about?

Kelly’s anti- Bush sentiments landed him on the daily Show with Jon Stewart. They also ended up with a song on the 2004, “Rock against Bush, vol 2” collaboration album, which featured songs by Green Day, Foo Fighters, Rancid, Dillinger Four and many others.

They were kicked off of the warped tour for talking so much shit. Come to find out, he was just complaining about a situation that was obviously wrong. This topic became a source of creative material, generating the lyrics, “These thieves in their flip-flops and bro attitudes are the very reason we do what we do, When I say ‘fuck the man’, it’s what I believe, No matter who that man happens to be…”

Brendan and I talked about the new album, the origins of the band, living a family life, fighting injustice, politics and the current tour. Listen here to the entire conversation:

Their new record is called, “Buttsweat and Tears” and hits the stores today.

Find more from the Lawrence Arms at:

The Lawrence Arms is another member of the Fat Wreck family and friend of the Continuum. Stay tuned for more from them, as well as updates on the tour here at Chicks With Guns.

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