Hotel St. George – City Boy Lemon

Written By: C.W. Ross
The CD

Label: This Is Tightrope – Rating: 3 Guns

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Hotel st. George

This San Diego band first came together in 2007, since then they’ve been busy releasing music and getting their name out to the music public. In the short amount of time that they’ve been together the band has managed to release, 2 EPs and a 7-song EEP, and the guys are now back with their full length debut release, City Boy Lemon. The new project offers up 10-tracks of music that blends both modern and retro 80’s sounds, including elements of British post-punk, pop, and rock music.

One interesting thing that I read about this release was that the band members did some rotating in the songs with members playing different instruments on different songs. The only exception was the drum parts that were all handled by drummer, Simon Leader. Considering that the band did a nice job of keeping a cohesive sound throughout the entire release and kudos also for the multi-instrument talents of the band members.

The songs found on City Boy Lemon are for the most part upbeat in tempo and the kind of music that would have you up and dancing along to if you heard it playing at your local club. The songs are driven by catchy guitar riffs and the slightly nasal vocals of band front man Matthew Binder. You’ll also find a drumbeat that, for the most part, is content to remain in the background except for on tracks like, “Simple Man,” and “Trouble,” featuring thick beats that push the drum part to the forefront of the songs.

The band went for quick-hitter types of songs on this release with most of the tracks lasting under 3-minutes with, “Simple Man,” and “City Boy Lemon,” lasting under 2-minutes, so don’t let your mind drift off or the song will be over before you get back to it.

The short song lengths have both good and bad aspect to them. The good part is that it keeps you from getting bored and you’re always hearing something new. The bad part is just about the time you really start jamming along to a song it’s over, it’s like sex without a happy ending, it kind of leaves you hanging out there with an unfinished feeling.

Highlight tracks found on City Boy Lemon include, “Simple Man,” a lively tempo song that offers up infectious guitar and drum parts. The “Rich Folk,” another track that offered up an interesting rhythmic rock sound with punchy drum beats. This track is also the hardest edge song that’s found on the release, complete with amped up and slightly distorted guitars.

City Boy Lemon offers up enough strong music in its songs that it should help Hotel St. George to be able to increase their footprint in the very crowded Indie music scene.

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