10 minutes with Keith Whallen of Adelita’s Way

Adelita’s Way is a hard rock band playing out of Las Vegas. They are a story that began with lead singer Rick DeJesus moving from Philadelphia to Vegas and creating a band. Things came together quickly for them, leading to their self titled debut album coming out this past July. Their time since then has been a whirlwind. The single “Invincible” from their album has blown up and connected with many people. It’s the kind of song that many people find to be motivating and energizing. It has been featured on Monday Night Football, WWE Superstars, the upcoming WWE video game and CSI Miami. Tonight they are in Tennessee on one of the last shows of their current tour playing with Shinedown. Next month brings an even bigger tour that will see them sharing the stage with Breaking Benjamin. Signed to Virgin Records, with a great album and single out, they look poised to remain a force for the foreseeable future.

Today I spoke with rhythm guitar player Keith Wallen. Keith was knowledgeable and insightful, telling stories of the band’s history, how the album came together and what the road has been like.

Listen here for the full interview:

Find Adelita’s Way at: http://www.myspace.com/adelitasway and stay tuned for more from Adelita’s way, here as always in the Continuum.


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