Two Nights of Shiloe

As the press, we try not to play favorites, but L.A.’s Shiloe are one of our favorite local bands. They’re performing two nights in Los Angeles, one at our Halloween party @ The CWG Mansion (see front of page for address and directions) and one @ the Troubador the following night.

Shiloe’s performance at our Halloween party will be streamed live on the internet via (for those of you not in L.A.)

The following night, Shiloe are set to open for Girl in a Coma atthe Troubadour, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious clubs, on Sunday, November1st.

Shiloe, who are currently at work on their debut full-lengthto be released in early 2010, have been making waves with their new single,”By the Daggers in Your Eyes.” The song, which combines a drivingbeat and pulsing distorted bass line with instantly memorable lyrics and vocalmelodies, has been described as “the ideal anthem for the edgiest movieJohn Hughes never made.” The track entered the Triple A SubModern radiocharts at #11 – the highest debut for any self-released single that week – andcontinued in the Top 25 for several subsequent weeks. Prominent localsupporters include KROQ’s Kat Corbett and KCRW’s Nic Harcourt. Shiloe was alsorecently selected as the Deli Magazine’s “Band of the Month” in anonline reader’s poll.

An all-girl three-piece hailing from San Antonio, Texas,Girl in a Coma count Morrissey, Tegan and Sara and Joan Jett among their many fans. The trio are signed toJett’s record label, Blackheart Records, which recently released theirsophomore album, Trio B.C. Joining them on tour are the Brooklyn-based duoBlack Gold, who are currently set to open one of the upcoming Pixies shows atthe Hollywood Palladium.

The Troubadour show, which is expected to sell out, will include a Dia de los Muertos themed set by Shiloe to honor the post-Halloween Mexican holiday. Tickets are available from the venue or via Ticketmaster.

By The Daggers In Your Eyes.mp3 (from upcoming full-length, title TK)
The Death Of Madame Mustache.mp3 (from …And Now the Screaming Starts EP)

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