Reel Good Things

Where The Wild Things Are (2009)
Directed by Spike Jonze

As a child I wasn’t really into the book but I gotta say I was super excited to see this movie. The puppets or monsters or whatever reminded me of all of my favorite Jim Henson characters, so that’s probably why I am so into it. I’m so jealous that I wasn’t creative enough as a child to come up with characters this cool to get through all childhood problems. Max was the cutest kid and, yeah, maybe he is a bit selfish, but I think all kids deserve to be a little selfish before they have real problems to worry about.

The story line was a little slow, but I thought Dave Eggers (one of my favorite writers) did a great job with the script by adding some wit here and there. However, I’m not so sure most kids could actually sit through this movie. If your kid watches a ton of TV (like anything on the Disney Channel these days) they are going to get bored.

The soundtrack was the only downside. I really got tired of Karen O.’s vocals in the middle of otherwise wonderful scenes. And I wanted the soundtrack to be a little more atmospheric with less acoustic guitar. I’m not a Yeah Yeah Yeahs hater, I just didn’t think she needed to do the whole soundtrack.
Review by Kelly K.O.

One Response to “Reel Good Things”

  1. Heaven! Says:

    On the contrary, my mom said that when she went to go see it, there were tons of kids in the theater and they were all engaged except for when they were asking their parents questions about what something meant. I thought it was quick enough to hold my attention, and I think it can be quick enough to hold a child's attention too. I've seen Disney movies that were slower than Where the Wild Things Are, and kids can sit through those. =)

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