Bad Flirt – Virgin Talk

Bad Flirt – Virgin Talk

Written By: Victor Alfieri

Label: Kartel/Universal – Rating:

Imagine if you will, a lollipop. This lollipop is sweet on the outside and truly enjoyable. But you’re not paying attention, and as you get to the center, the chewy goodness is actually some spicy pepper that catches you completely unaware and off guard. Bad Flirt provides just that, indie pop that comes off as sweet, but packs a big punch when you don’t expect it.

From Montreal, Canada, this band was originally a solo act consisting of Jasamine White-Gluz. The current band lineup came together in 2005 and features White-Gluz (vocals, guitar), Evan Dubinsky (keyboard, vocals), Laura Lloyd (guitar, vocals) and Raf De La Durantaye (drums).

With female lead vocals and guitars, this band can’t help but pull comparisons to the Go-Go’s, Breeders and Bangles. Theses references are not perfect, but not far off, especially if you put all three bands together. White-Gluz has the type of voice that just sucks you in and the garage rock-style guitar riffs are a nice contrast. The harmonies between Jasamine and her band mates are deliciously understated. The boys do their part well here also. Dubinsky plays well under the ladies’ guitar work and De La Durantaye is strong and straightforward on the back line.

With Virgin Talk, the band has released their first full length album through Kartel/Universal. This band has put together the first of what should be many strong offerings. Most of the songs clock in at under two minutes. It would be nice to see the band let go of the reins a little and expand on these musical ideas as they mature.

I’m looking forward to future work from this band. All in all, this is yet another great addition to my IPod, landing between Audioslave and fellow countrymen Barenaked Ladies.

If you like Bad Flirt, check out: The Go-Go’s, The Breeders & The Bangles

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