The Continuum rides the "Teenage Bottlerocket"

Teenage Bottlerocket is a punk band out of Wyoming, currently on tour. They are led and founded by twin brothers Ray and Brandon. Channeling the Ramones and many other classic punk rock bands, they bring the energy and style expected with a solid punk band. Their skater attitudes and carefree spirit show through in their music. Their new album, “They came from the Shadows” is out now.

I caught up with Singer/guitarist Ray. Listen here for the entire conversation.

Among the highlights:

  • Playing with his brother.

  • Dueling lead singers and guitars.

  • Rebelling against the emo scene.

  • An evolving band with a similar sound.

  • “Skate or die”

  • Writing music.

  • Origins of “Teenage Bottlerocket”

  • The current tour, rocking out a Monday night.

  • Road trip games.

  • Having regular jobs and lives.

Teenage Bottlerocket can be found at:

Look for updates from them about their tour and album, here as always, in the Continuum.


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