Sherwood – Qu

sherwood qu

Written By: Joe Cardenas

Label: Myspace Records – Rating:

Sherwood returns with a very upbeat and very concrete pop/rock album. That band’s overall influence of the Beach Boys really becomes obvious in this album as the songs are very reminiscent of sunny summer days. Ironically, Sherwood came out with the album just in time for the winter season! I really don’t mind, ’cause I enjoy listening to anything that reminds me of the beach, something to help endure the cold, cold winter.

Qu starts in an odd direction with the a capella “Shelter.” There are a lot of tracks on Qu that make use of the chorus but “Shelter,” without any instruments, seems out of place in relation to the rest of the album. The ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ really remind you of the Beach Boys (The intro to “Make it Through,” especially) and is partly why Qu feels so sunny. It’s a nice touch, as I have not heard many bands trying to emulate the Beach Boys’ sound.

Qu really starts to pick up with it’s next two tracks: “Hit the Bottom” and “Make it Through.” The songs are really catchy, radio-friendly and surprisingly dance-able in some parts. Having a dancing element is really interesting because Sherwood really makes it work. I could visualize kids dancing to this band live and just having a fun, sweaty time. The drums are very well-played and well-heard throughout the album.

Aside from the drums, there is nothing really distinct about the band’s sound compared to other pop/rock bands in the genre. The song structure is nothing out of the ordinary and the lyrics are what is expected from a young rock band. The band sticks to the norm and doesn’t take any risks with its sound. But Sherwood seems to know their sound, and like it, without wanting to change it drastically to please a mainstream audience. The Qu‘s sound is very solid and there’s isn’t anything necessarily weak about it.

The overall feel is very upbeat and at times feels like a soundtrack to a feel-good movie. Not everyone might be into this type of music but it is a most excellent album to help cheer you up when having a bad day, or to compliment the good day you’re already having. Anyone listening can really enjoy the passionate sound that Sherwood creates and appreciate how good it makes you feel.

Qu as a whole works very well, the sound is consistent and is different enough in each track to make you want to listen to the whole thing. The flow is nice, and listening to Qu will remind you of summer days at the beach – And with the winter season coming, I don’t think this album could have come at a better time.

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