Revocation – Existence is futile

revocation existence is futile

Written By: Dave Brooks

Label: Relapse – Rating:

“Metal band Revocation and their new album Existence Is Futile are overflowing with extra riffs! Looking to unload one or several riffs at a time at bargain basement prices! You won’t find many quality, sick, heavy riffs lying around like this everyday! We’re even stacked up on bass riffs. You read that right. BASS riffs! We’ll even throw in double bass backing drums, cymbal work and fills at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Act now and you can have lead/rhythm guitarist/singer David Davidson write YOU lyrics. Hit ’em with it Dave! “Neural toxins scrambles brains!”. There ya go! All this at the low, low price of only $11.95!”

“Enter the Hall” is one of the best titled intro tracks I’ve heard in a long time. They had so many riffs, they had to split it into 2 parts. Great lead work speed leading into a Death’ish thrash brigade. A smooth transition leads to where “Pestilence Reigns”. An up tempo, single note punk/metal groove that left them plenty of room to solo in style. “Where’s the fucking outrage?” screams Davidson. It’s right here in “Deathonomics,” Aatwisted look on making some well publicized, corporate wrongs, right. “Existence is Futile” lets you really know how bad the bassist in your band sounds. Anthony Buda pops the shit out of the main riff. Thumbs up dude!

“The Brain Scramblers” leaves you wondering “How is this dude playing these riffs and singing?” Great guitar gymnastics or GGG’s are all over this track. I pulled out my finger exerciser! A surplus of guitar stylings show up on “Across Forests and Fjords” before the fjord gets manic and wants to take you under. A great instrumental and breather track for this album. They release the “ReaniManiac” once more and get back into a precision based, machine gun attack meets the Munsters.

Ahhh! I’m losing track of the riffs. 24? 30? Too late. Time to “Dismantle the Dictator”. Lead intro to the midsection! Speed metal bridge riff to the kidney! Blast beat jazz funk chanting vocal to the jaw and he’s down Jim! The “Anthem of the Betrayed” pulls out all the riffs you thought were hiding from you. “Leviathan Awaits” to give you what you were waiting for: half time, off the hip metallings. My favorite track is chock full of the groove and pinchies (pinch harmonics in laymen terms). Bang your fucking head as it crescendos to a well constructed, magnificent outro. “The Tragedy of Modern Ages” is that this killer album is almost over. A lot of ground already covered is re-trekked until the 2nd or 3rd bridge riff. Yea, the one at the 4 minute mark with the high strings. A complete transformation takes place as the ending of this CD is going out in grand fashion. Off timing, lead work and melody fuse to leave you wondering if your existence really is futile. Well, mine as a guitarist sure is. Fuck…..

Revocation may come off as a bit ordinary to you at first, but they will reveal themselves to be a true talent in the metal scene after a few hits of weed and a long bus ride or two. I’m kidding! I only listen to music sober! This 3 piece is for real and makes me feel under accomplished. What else could you ask for in a metal release? Pick it up. Now.

If you like Revocation, you might like: Death, Carcass or a lot of other heavy-ass bands.

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