Charlotte Hatherley – New Worlds

Charlotte Hatherley - New Worlds

Written By: Lindsey Hecht

Label: Minty Fresh – Rating:

If rumors have it, Charlotte Hatherley recorded this album over a one-week period in London, but even with all the recorded tracks crunched into a single week – diversity still rules this album. ‘New Worlds’ possesses tracks that fit the needs of every musical genre. ‘Colours’ belts out deep bass grooves, while ‘Firebird’ sustains a staccato, theatrical tone. The track ‘New Worlds’ delivers a catchy and upbeat tune, while ‘Full Circle’ provides an edgy, yet sophisticated feel.

Though once only known for her vocal and guitar skills within a group, Charlotte Hatherley has successfully managed to sequester her musical influences and use them in a way that is both unique and apart from other bands. She has succeeded in her efforts to create yet another solo album that shines, with this album proving to be another notch of achievement on her belt.

Over the years, Hatherley has developed an exclusive sound that is heard not only in her voice, but her guitar skills as well. She maintains the ability to rock-out, yet also pull back and present herself as a soft and yielding musician. ‘Alexander’ is the perfect example of this, as the song begins with a subtle ballad extending outward as a petition for her love and understanding to be reciprocated.

However, my personal favorite resides in ‘Straight Lines,’ which demonstrates that a slightly off-beat lead guitar with innovative chords can lend a new definition to the importance of harmony. In my eyes, few musicians maintain the ability to vocally harmonize with the instruments in their musical arrangements, yet for me, Hatherley manages to brush the surface of that.

Though originally named ‘Cinnabar City,’ ‘New Worlds’ seems like an improvement over the original name – mostly because Hatherley brings a new, powerful sound to female solo albums.

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