Lite Brite The Band

Ludicrously fast drums, wailing electric guitar, and dynamic vocals allow a band to remain a secret for only so long. The gig is up for this one.

Lite Brite is a rock group from Sacramento that seems to be doing something remarkably right — being genuine. Both stirring and contemplative, their music stands for the expansion of the indie rock genre.

This band has a talent for variety. Several of the songs, like Someone’s Listening, pine in on a sentimental feeling, while other songs stick to a pattern of fast and heavily accented backbeats, true to the nature of rock. In many of the songs, with a more experimental guiding force, psychedelic waves make you feel like you’re drifting through the cosmos. Complex, yet soothing.

A prevalent Led Zeppelin influence gives Lite Brite a diverse style. Some songs are solid and gritty with their hard rock while others place little emphasis on the back beat, maintaining more of a contiguous and flowing rhythm. Goodbye, a song featuring an acoustic guitar, merits mention on this point.

The song Big City has a hardcore rift, which is reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine. It is likely their most popular song, being performed at nearly every show. Syncopation towards the end of the song provides adequate panache, leaving you to realize that you had been unknowingly matching the beat with with your incessantly tapping thumb(s).

Lite Brite’s newest EP shows promise and gives fans a feeling for a more experimental hard rock side of the band. This may be a result of the positive reception of Big City, and a continuing factor in the evolution of the band, and indeed the whole genre.


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