Boomkat – Don’t Be So Shy

Los Angeles pop duo, BOOMKAT, is the lush, velvet mixture of pop pastiche that draws from a diverse palette of influences. Presenting a wide array of urban beats and melodies, along with the expression of personal loss and fragile hope, BOOMKAT passionately displays their versatility in their new album, A Million Trillion Stars (Little Vanilla Records).

At the nucleus of BOOMKAT are brother and sister Kellin and Taryn Manning. Their sound surges with tangible color, in hues that drip with sexuality, anger, confusion and fear. All assembled with a devil-may-care, “art of the mistake” philosophy to transcend its own self-consciousness.

A sexy canvas ready to be explored, Million Trillion Stars is a modern pop record that has everything: style and substance, fun and emotion, dance and ballad, organic instrumentation and metronomic electronic. With production backing from Mike Elizondo (Pink, Maroon 5, 50 Cent, Rilo Kiley), The Pharmacy (Crazy Town), and Martin Pradler (Mean Girls Soundtrack, 8 Mile Soundtrack) and Taryn’s creative executive direction, their sophomore effort exhibits the Mannings’ growth as musicians and artists with a cinematic flare for producing contagious soundscapes. Featuring hints of hip-pop, trip hop, dirty pop, soul, R&B and a DIY indie rock, BOOMKAT is hitting their stride with an eclectic mix and styles that creates their unique style.

From the success and momentum of their first single, the “Run Boy,” BOOMKAT’s second single “Stomp” is ready to turn up the heat by unleashing their catchy summer love anthem. “Stomp”, a vintage synth pop melody accompanied by soulful vocals, proves BOOMKAT’s first single wasn’t a stroke of luck. From the climatic toe-tapping introduction to the shrilling electric guitar break down, “Stomp” takes it’s listener on a bombastic musical journey infused with sexual frustration, much like summer vacation itself.

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