Rebelution – Bright Side of Life

rebelution bright side of life

Written By: Khadeeja Coonrod

Label: Megaforce – Rating:

In 2007, a Santa Barbara based reggae/ rock band, Rebelution, released their debut album, Courage to Grow. Now they’ve releasing their second album, Bright Side of Life – August 4, 2009.

Rebelution band members are: Eric Rachmany- Vocals/ Guitar, Rory Carey- Keyboards, Marley D. Williams- Bass, Wesley Finley- Drums.

The Bright Side of Life has a universal feel to it. The rock has a jazzy twist to it. It’s a perfect companion for those sitting on a beach of ones who can imagine the feeling from a distance. The melodies are a soothing comfort for anyone in distress. This is an album for revolutionaries and visionaries of the world because it includes tones which ask us to do something in making changes for the system and speaks for many who need a voice without getting too preachy. The statements also have a positive and upbeat ring to it.

The opening song, “Bright Side of Life,” will make anyone want to throw a fist in the air and cheer. “Don’t trip you know I’m always by your side. You’ll be fine for the ride just be calm. Take a breath and don’t cry. Look on the bright side. Rise up, now make an impact. Now get your bags packed. Think about your life, the thrill. Don’t you cry, look on the bright side of life.” The guitar riffs and bass balance each other out while the drums compliment the mood of the song as the keyboards has a speedy tempo that seems to challenge the musical wonders of the song itself.

“Lazy Afternoon” is a love song that encourages the lady to keep her head up and tells of a daydream setting with a man who could spend a lazy afternoon with this lady and how he needs her when he’s away from her. More Than Ever is another love song, but it’s one that reminisces
on past times of a relationship. “Remember when we’d sit. Talk face to face and wonder whether we’d be making it. And chat for hours ’bout the leftist side of government. I’d sit and listen to your words and I’d be loving it. Now the times have changed. Older but we always stay the same. I’m filling up the whole lane. You and me should kick it more than ever.”

The song “Bump’s” music alone is enough to make anyone close their eyes and listen harder. The guitar opening commands attention and the words speak power. The guitar solos are more than enough to stand on its own two feet if need be but with the words, the song is pushed further. “Yes, you’re all shot down and you might ask how. Time flies by and you just found out. You’re almost to the point where you can’t turn back. You’ve got a leveled head on a one-way track. Don’t tell me there’s an end to a road. Your goal set on hold. Don’t think that you can go alone. Okay? But keep me up to date. I promise you, I’ll never lose the faith. When you get up, go on escape. To a scary world, The old cliché is true. You do what you gotta do. I’m tryin to put out
something new. I’m always at the edge of my seat. Constantly containing that kinetic energy. Constantly I’m reigning in the sweet melody. I’m humming tunes to sleep. Watch me hit the peak and I’ll stay up for good. This is what I’ll say to you. This is my advice for you. Show me love and I’ll come through. This is what it comes down to. And I’ll be shouting with my hands in the air, I don’t care what they say. Stop the hate, I’ll replace it with my eyes focused in on a
place. Designed to keep a peace and refrain from race killing race.”

Rebelution comes hard and strong with Bright Side of Life which signals to those in need and those who applaud giving glad tidings.

To check out more about this band visit:


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