Enter Prieta

Bands need recognition, and people want something to recognize. What distinct qualities in a band can make these common interests meet? It should be easy, but it isn’t. For the unsigned artist, there seems to be no single niche left untouched, and no way to stand out. So it seems.

Prieta has a distinct quality. It’s more than just a band with drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. They sound like a refined and well-performed rock group, doubtless, but even more. Their music commands attention — steady and powerful vocals that carry the listener through rough-around-the-edge lyrics. Some of their songs are similar to Black Sabbath, but way tighter and less syncopated. Some songs are bluesy, especially the tracks on Sleep All Night. Very similar in tone to Chris Cornell, the vocals are like Soundgarden, with the exception of being less tinny and compressed. Prieta features a singer with an open throttle.

Comparisons vary between songs, but the overall feeling is the same one which makes guys with turbo-charged engines drive fast, and girls with little or no discretion dance seductively at front stage. It certainly is a kind of music to get your heart pumping.

Apparently, that’s Prieta’s forte, and being so well keyed in on their niche, they took the 2009 Sammie Award for Outstanding Hard Rock and Metal. The Sacramento Area Music awards ceremony (Sammies), which encompasses a wide array of talent, recognized the band for its distinct qualities.

After listening to the latest EP, I feel that Prieta is extremely deserving of the honor, and will go on to receive continued acclaim. Sleep All Night sounds great. The question is out, what comes next? Will there be a surge of creative energy released after being applauded in Sacramento?


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